April 23, 2022

Huntsville State Park, Huntsville, Texas
Race Start: 9:00 a.m.

The Gator Bait Adventure race includes approximately 3 miles of trail running, 10 miles of mountain biking, and 20–30 minutes of paddling. Lose yourself among the majestic trees and natural beauty of the East Texas Pineywoods. The heavily wooded park adjoins the Sam Houston National Forest and encloses the 210 acre Lake Raven. The race is designed to take 1.5–2.5 hours on average. You may compete solo or as a 2-person team (not a relay) where both racers must stay together the entire time.

The paddle is in the boat of your choice. Yes, you can bring a kayak. You can race in either a kayak or a canoe…but no pedal kayaks allowed (unless you pull the rudder portion up and lock it so that the pedals can’t be used).
Teams may bring their own boat or rent a canoe from the State Park for $15—which includes the boat, paddles and life jackets. Teams must use one single boat.
Solo racers must bring his or her own boat—the State Park canoes are 2-person only.





$90 (per person)

After Sat. March 12

$100 (per person)

Day-of Registration

Solo $120 (per person)

Racers 18 years old and under get a $20 discount!



Each person on a team will register separately but use the same exact team name as your teammate.

  • 2 Person Male
  • 2 Person Male Masters (both members 40+ by end of year)
  • 2 Person Female
  • 2 Person Female Masters (both members 40+ by end of year)
  • 2 Person Coed
  • 2 Person Coed Masters (both members 40+ by end of year)
  • 2 Person Parent/Child (child under 18)
  • Solo Male
  • Solo Female



Tentative Course Map

Note: This map does not include the mystery event. That would ruin the mystery.

Gator Bait Adventure Race trail map

Gator Bait Adventure Race trail map



Huntsville State Park

Huntsville State Park
565 Park Road 40 West
Huntsville TX 77340

Huntsville State Park is open to the public and will not be closed just for this event so please be courteous of your fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

The state police patrol the park during race hours and you will get a ticket if you are caught speeding.




Camping Reservations at Huntsville State Park



Extra Bits

Right to Cancel or Reschedule: Terra Firma Racing LLC reserves the right in the event of inclement weather, emergency, or natural disaster to cancel the race or move to a later time that day or alternate date within the year—if available. In the event of a CANCELLATION with no ability to reschedule, there will be NO REFUND OF ENTRY FEES. Each athlete must accept any such risk for their entry paid.