November, 2019

The Arthur Taylor Ranch, Jonesboro, Texas

Terra Firma has a brand new event this year called the GoAdventure Invitational at the Arthur Taylor Ranch in Jonesboro, Texas. This event is a celebration all of you adventurous HEART-filled souls. The Arthur Taylor ranch is a special piece of central Texas and food will be provided by professional chef, Nicole Davenport—trust us, do some googling.

Any athlete who completes at least one of each mountain bike, trail run, and multi-sport event of ours in 2019 will be qualified.

Registration Special

From December 1 to February 1 a flat $200 entry fee will get you registered for one of each of the following:

Pricing will be a la carte after February 2 for each race. Series entrants get an invite to the GoAdventure Invitational at Arthur Taylor Ranch in November 2019. Series champions will be determined at the Invitational.