November 16-17, 2019

Private Ranch, Jonesboro, Texas

Terra Firma has a brand new event this year called the GoAdventure Invitational at the Arthur Taylor Ranch in Jonesboro, Texas. This event is a celebration all the adventurous HEART-filled souls that make Terra Firma badass. The Arthur Taylor ranch is a special piece of central Texas and food will be provided by professional chef, Nicole Davenport—trust us and trust google. They are the host and hostess with the mostest!

This event is capped at 50 racers.

We will send out invitations in June to a handful of lucky racers with registration information and first dibs on signing up. After July 1, registration will open to everyone to get in on this adventure. The race is capped at 50 racers.

Extra Weekend Adventures

Camping – The ranch owners have spent days picking out the best area to camp on the ranch.

Saturday evening – Steak dinner, baked potato, garden-fresh veggies, vegan dish available

Sunday morning – pancake breakfast

Sunday afternoon – grab and go sandwiches that will make you want to stay

Guided or solo Mountain Bike/Gravel riding – bring your mountain/cyclocross/gravel bike to explore the trails and fantastic views.

Guided kayaking – bring your own kayak and enjoy the winding Leon river.