Terra Firma

Terra Firma Racing has been hosting adventure races, off-road triathlons, mountain bike races, and trail runs since 1998. One of the recent changes for Terra Firma is including more hands on deck in order to put on the best races possible.

 Our mission is to create a fun race experience that inspires racers of all levels to push their limits.

Who We Are

Kathy Duryea


Kathy began her athletic career at 14 yrs. of age. She excelled in long distance running and completed her first marathon that same year. During junior high & high school, she added basketball, swim, track, & cross country to her disciplines. Outside of school, she competed in water skiing in all three events (Trick, Slalom, & Jump). Once in college, she completed her first triathlon while five months pregnant with her first son. She had hopes of someday competing in the Ironman triathlon, but a joint injury in a qualifying race derailed her. While healing, she was introduced to mountain biking. Within a year and a half of racing, she landed a pro mountain bike sponsored deal with BMW-Proflex. Then in 2003, she realized her Ironman dream by completing the first ever off-road ironman race in Park City, UT in 19 hours.

By education, Kathy is a professional CPA (Certified Public Accountant). When not doing tax returns or putting on races, she can be found timing other races or making homemade soap. Kathy currently searches out events or races that are epic in nature and enjoys spending time with her two grandkids and family.

“I can because they say I can’t.”

Johnan Ratliff


I’m here for the free beer and aid station snacks. And tacos. Do not forget about the tacos. Frieda’s tacos to be more specific.



Kim is Terra Firma’s “make things look swell” person. She’s terrible at being a millennial and likes potato chips on her sandwiches.  Keep an eye out for her at Terra Firma events. She’s the one wandering around and always asking (or not asking) to take your photo!

“Go outside and make friends with a tree.” — Bob Ross #zenofbob


Becky is our timer. You’re not usually allowed to talk to her and you will often hear us talk about how mean she can be. Truth is, she puts on that facade just to keep you away so she can focus on keeping the results as accurate as possible. Really she is quite pleasant…or is she?


Lyn’s full-time job is working for Adeptus Health as their VP of HR, but in her spare time can most likely be found riding her mountain bike, spending time with her grand babies (Liam & Lila), hanging with her husband and best friend for 37 years (Ted), and playing with her dogs (Bear & Ginger). Being somewhat competitive at heart, she has dabbled in adventure racing, (first adventure race was with Terra Firma), mountain bike racing (as a member of the Dirt Side Sisters race team), and even a little running.  As a co-owner for Terra Firma she hopes her passion for being outdoors, enjoying nature, and participating in friendly competition will be her way of inspiring racers who share in her passion.



You know that person who can do it all? By ‘all’ we mean everything. By ‘everything’ we mean anything. And we don’t just mean that person who CAN do it all. We mean that person who CAN and DOES do it all and does it with a heart of gold and body of steel. If you know Susan, then you know that person. Full stop



He’s Jared Mike and he came to get down. He’s not internationally known. But he’s known to rock the microphone. Because he gets cheesy, we mean outrageous. Stay away from him if you’re contagious. Cause he’s the winner, no, he’s not a loser. To be an M.C. is what he choose-a



We love you Bill, ergo ipso facto…